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EPOXY GROUT SHOOTOUT 2.0 - FasTrac CE815 VS Escoweld 7505E/7530

Welcome to the Energy Tech Systems Epoxy Grout Shootout 2.0! Following the success of our previous Epoxy Grout Shootout, we're back to put two top contenders to the test once again.

In this case study, we examined FasTrac CE815 and Escoweld 7505E/7530, two of the most sought-after epoxy grouts on the market.

Our goal was to determine which product offers the best flowability, compressive strength, and cost-effectiveness for your machine grouting projects.

The Contenders: FasTrac CE815 and Escoweld 7505E/7530

FasTrac CE815 has already proven its mettle in our previous Epoxy Grout Shootout, emerging as the clear winner. To reference the details, check out our previous comparison here.

Escoweld 7505E/7530, on the other hand, entered the ring as a strong competitor known for its reliable performance and durability.

Testing Methodology

ASTM C1339 Flow box to test flowability and effective bearing area.

ASTM C579 Method B, Load Rate II

For 3- and 7-day compressive strength using plastic cube forms.

ASTM D2471 To measure peak exotherm.

The flow box test assessed the grouts' flowability by measuring the time it took for each sample to flow through a standardized 2-inch depth flow box. The faster the time, the higher the rate of flow.


We used the ASTM C579 Method B, Load Rate II Compressive Strength test to determine the compressive strength of each epoxy grout.


We also analyzed the ASTM D2471 Peak Exotherm Temperature to gauge the heat generated during the curing process. This data is crucial for applications that require precise temperature management.

Two samples of each epoxy grout were mixed according to each manufacturer's TDS at an average material & ambient temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

FasTrac CE815

  • 4-Bag (2.0 cf unit)

  • 5-Bag (2.4 cf unit)

Escoweld 7505E/7530

  • 4-Bag (2.0 cf unit)

  • 5-Bag (2.4 cf unit)

The flow box was set at a 2” depth and the epoxy grout mix was then poured into the flow box hopper. After waiting 3 minutes, the flow box gate was lifted, allowing the grout to flow through the trough. As soon as the grout contacted the backplate, the time was recorded. The faster the time, the higher the rate of flow.

Flow Box Results

The following chart shows the flow box times, peak exothermic temperature, and compressive strength.

The flow box results unveiled FasTrac CE815's impressive flowability. In the 4-bag category, it recorded the fastest flow time of 25.86 seconds, while the 5-bag achieved a swift 81.58 seconds.

Escoweld 7505E/7530, on the other hand, fell behind in each sample, with a 4-bag flow time of 42.75 seconds and a 5-bag flow time of 137.95 seconds.

Exotherm and Compressive Strength Results

The following video shows a side-by-side comparison of the flow box test in real-time.

ASTM D2471 Peak Exotherm Temperature

Both products displayed reliable peak exotherm temperature results, ensuring controlled curing processes without compromising structural integrity. The results were as follows:

FasTrac CE815:

  • 4-bag: 98.5 degrees Fahrenheit

  • 5-bag: 92.7 degrees Fahrenheit

Escoweld 7505E/7530:

  • 4-bag: 96.7 degrees Fahrenheit

  • 5-bag: 89.2 degrees Fahrenheit

Compressive Strength

The ASTM C579 Method B, Load Rate II Compressive Strength test showed that FasTrac CE815 outperformed Escoweld 7505E/7530 in this aspect as well.

FasTrac CE815:

  • 3-day compressive strength: 14582 psi

  • 7-day compressive strength: 14635 psi

Escoweld 7505E/7530:

  • 3-day compressive strength: 11785 psi

  • 7-day compressive strength: 13070 psi


Besides excelling in flowability and compressive strength, FasTrac CE815 stood out as the more cost-effective option, providing exceptional performance without breaking the bank.

Conclusion: FasTrac CE815 Triumphs!

After a thorough examination of the flowability, compressive strength, and cost-effectiveness, FasTrac CE815 takes the lead once again! With superior flowability, remarkable compressive strength, and a budget-friendly advantage, FasTrac CE815 proves to be the ultimate choice for your machine grouting projects.

We invite you to harness the power of FasTrac CE815 for your applications, ensuring reliable and long-lasting machinery installations. Say goodbye to flowability concerns and hello to optimal performance with the undisputed winner of the Energy Tech Systems Epoxy Grout Shootout 2.0!

About FasTrac CE815 Epoxy Grout

FasTrac CE815 Epoxy Grout is a revolutionary, three-component, 100% solids high-performance epoxy machine grout. It is characterized by low dust, high bearing area, low exotherm, negligible shrinkage and creep, fast cure, and pumpable with excellent high flow qualities for improved workability and placement.

CE815 Epoxy Grout is ideal for high-stress applications such as wind turbines, gas transmission, refining, chemical processing, pulp and paper, crane rail, marine, and other machine base plate grouting. New equipment installations or re-grouting applications subject to chemical attack and extreme vibration are ideal for CE815 Epoxy Grout. CE815 can also be used as an anchoring adhesive.

CE815 Features

  • Made in America

  • High Impact Resistance

  • High Early Strength

  • High Effective Bearing Area

  • Excellent Flowability

  • Low Exotherm Cure for Deep Pour Capability

  • High Oil and Chemical Resistance

  • Precision Grouting with Negligible Shrinkage and Creep

  • Pre-Measured Units

  • Easy Soap and Water Clean Up

Where to Use

  • Compressors, Generators, and Turbines

  • Engines, Motors, and Pumps

  • Wind Turbines

  • Gas Transmission

  • Refining

  • Chemical Processing

  • Pulp and Paper

  • Crane Rail

  • Marine and Other Machine Base Plate Grouting

  • New Equipment Installations

  • Applications Subject to Chemical Attack and Extreme Vibration

Discuss Your Project with Us Today!

At Energy Tech Systems, we understand that each project is unique, and your machine grouting requirements may vary. That's why we encourage you to get in touch with our team of experts to discuss the results of the Epoxy Grout Shootout 2.0 and explore how FasTrac CE815 can elevate the performance and longevity of your machinery installations.

Our experienced professionals are ready to listen to your specific needs, provide valuable insights, and guide you through the process of choosing the perfect epoxy grout for your project. With our customer-focused approach, we are dedicated to delivering solutions tailored to your individual requirements.

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With over three decades of industry experience, Energy Tech Systems has earned a reputation for excellence in providing top-quality solutions to customers worldwide. We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer satisfaction and the unmatched expertise we bring to every project.

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  3. Customized Solutions: We understand that every project is unique, which is why we tailor our recommendations to match your specific requirements.

  4. Outstanding Customer Support: Our dedicated customer support team is always ready to assist you at every stage of your project, from selection to implementation.

Experience the FasTrac CE815 Difference!

Are you ready to elevate your machine-grouting projects to new heights? Contact Energy Tech Systems today to discuss the Epoxy Grout Shootout 2.0 results and discover how FasTrac CE815 can be the perfect fit for your next endeavor.

Experience the power of the winning epoxy grout - FasTrac CE815 - and partner with Energy Tech Systems to ensure your machinery installations stand the test of time. Let us be your trusted ally in achieving outstanding results for your machine grouting needs!

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