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Updated: May 1, 2023

Welcome to the Energy Tech Systems Epoxy Grout Shootout! We tested some of the top epoxy grouts on the market so that you can make the right decision on your next machine grouting project.

Epoxy grout is a three-part formulation consisting of the following: Part A – Resin, Part B – Hardener and Part C – Aggregate.

The epoxy grouts tested were:

Epoxy grout products ready for testing
Epoxy grouts tested were Chockfast Versaflow, Chockfast Red, FasTrac CE815, Five Star DP, and Masterflow 648.

Each epoxy grout was tested using the following ASTM Standards:

ASTM C1339 Flow box to test flowability and effective bearing area.

ASTM C579 Method B, Load Rate II

For 3- and 7-day compressive strength using plastic cube forms.

ASTM D2471 To measure peak exotherm.

A sample of each epoxy grout was mixed according to ASTM recommended method at an average material & ambient temperature of 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

The flow box was set at a 2” depth and the epoxy grout mix was then poured into the flow box hopper. After waiting 5 minutes, the flow box gate was lifted, allowing the grout to flow through the trough. As soon as the grout contacted the backplate, the time was recorded. The faster the time, the higher the rate of flow.

What are the results?

The following video shows a side-by-side comparison of the flow box test in real time.

The following chart shows the flow box times, peak exothermic temperature, and compressive strength.

What are the takeaways?

The fastest Flow Box Times were achieved by Chockfast Versaflow (10.25), FasTrac CE815 (10.45), and Five Star DP (26.62). The Versaflow and CE815 times are incredibly close! They are off by 0.2sec and within the margin of error. We look forward to running this test again in the future to determine if the results remain the same.

For 3-Day Compressive Strength, the top performers were Masterbuilder 648 (14,106), FasTrac CE815 (13,456), and Chockfast Red (13,245).

For 7-Day Compressive Strength, the top performers were Masterbuilder 648 (15,629), Five Star DP (14,485), and Chockfast Red (14,200).

The FasTrac CE815 put up some impressive numbers. FasTrac CE815 offers the speed of Chockfast Versaflow and the strength of Chockfast Red, at a significantly reduced price. We've just found our new favorite machine grout! If your project requires an epoxy grout with excellent flowability, high early strength, deep pour capability, and a high effective bearing area, then you owe it to yourself to give FasTrac a try. You won't be disappointed.

Since 1992, Energy Tech Systems has been your primary source for industrial machinery grouts. We are the largest and most experienced supplier of both FasTrac and Chockfast products. Not only do we provide the highest quality epoxy grouts in the industry, we also support you with exceptional customer service to ensure your projects are a success. Get in touch with us for your next or ongoing project: or call 610-647-2150.

About FasTrac CE815 Epoxy Grout

FasTrac CE815 Epoxy Grout is a revolutionary, three-component, 100% solids high-performance epoxy machine grout. It is characterized by low dust, high bearing area, low exotherm, negligible shrinkage and creep, fast cure, and pumpable with excellent high flow qualities for improved workability and placement.

CE815 Epoxy Grout is ideal for high-stress applications such as wind turbines, gas transmission, refining, chemical processing, pulp and paper, crane rail, marine, and other machine base plate grouting. New equipment installations or re-grouting applications subject to chemical attack and extreme vibration are ideal for CE815 Epoxy Grout. CE815 can also be used as an anchoring adhesive.

CE815 Features

  • Made in America

  • High Impact Resistance

  • High Early Strength

  • High Effective Bearing Area

  • Excellent Flowability

  • Low Exotherm Cure for Deep Pour Capability

  • High Oil and Chemical Resistance

  • Precision Grouting with Negligible Shrinkage and Creep

  • Pre-Measured Units

  • Easy Soap and Water Clean Up

Where to Use

  • Compressors, Generators, and Turbines

  • Engines, Motors, and Pumps

  • Wind Turbines

  • Gas Transmission

  • Refining

  • Chemical Processing

  • Pulp and Paper

  • Crane Rail

  • Marine and Other Machine Base Plate Grouting

  • New Equipment Installations

  • Applications Subject to Chemical Attack and Extreme Vibration

Download PDF • 1.04MB
CE815 Epoxy Grout - TDS - 5-1-2023_
Download PDF • 674KB

About Chockfast Versaflow

Chockfast Red Versaflow epoxy grout is a breakthrough pumpable, high flow grout designed to bring versatility and efficiency to the most challenging installations of critical equipment. Chockfast’s continual effort toward product optimization has resulted in the introduction of Chockfast Red Versaflow, offering enhanced working and placement properties while maintaining the robust, long-term performance the Chockfast products are proven to deliver under the most demanding operational conditions.

Where to Use

  • Compressors, Generators and Turbines

  • Engines, Motors and Pumps

  • Crushers

  • Ball Mills

  • Vibrating Screens

  • Fans

Download PDF • 325KB

Energy Tech Systems is your source for Machinery Epoxy Grouts

Since 1992, we’ve been the primary source of high quality machinery grouts for industries throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. For superior service delivery from start to finish, rely on the experts at Energy Tech Systems. Get in touch with us for your next or ongoing project. or call 610-647-2150.

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