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As the largest stocking supplier on the East Coast for Chockfast & Escoweld epoxy grouts, we continue to be the choice for foundation expertise, competitive pricing, quick product delivery, and onsite technical supervision. Our epoxy grout products can meet any and all chockfasting applications ranging in depth from 1/2” - 18” in one pour. We stock a large inventory of all the best epoxy machinery grouts, allowing us to service the most critical delivery requirements. With our combined 85 years of onsite field experience, please allow us to assist with your next machinery grouting project.

Typical machinery supported on epoxy grouts: Gas Compressors, Gas & Steam Turbines, Water & Chemical Pumps, Industrial Fans, Gear Boxes, Pulp & Paper Mills, Hydraulic Equipment, Stamping Presses, Etc. To learn more about our base plate grouts, pump grouts, industrial grouts, and other polymer grouts, contact our team today.

Chockfast Red Versaflow Epoxy Grout

Chockfast Red Versaflow Epoxy Grout is a breakthrough three-component grouting compound designed for maximum pumping and flow characteristics to improve the versatility and efficiency of use in the most difficult machinery and equipment. CHOCKFAST® Red Versaflow Epoxy Grout is available in red or a neutral beige color. Order from ETS, USA's #1 Chockfast Red Versaflow distributor, today!

Escoweld 7505E / 7530

Escoweld 7505E / 7530 is a 3-component, deep pour, gentle curing epoxy grout designed for pours of 2-18” in depth. Escoweld epoxy has excellent flowability, chemical resistance, and vibration-dampening characteristics. It is used to grout all types of rotating and reciprocating machinery. Order from ETS, USA's #1 Escoweld 7530 / 7505E distributor, today!

​Chockfast Red

Chockfast Red is a 3-component, deep pour, gentle curing epoxy grout designed to quickly rebuild deteriorated machinery foundations. Our Chockfast Red epoxy machinery grout can be used in single pours of 3-18” deep without developing high exothermic heat during the curing cycle. Order from ETS, USA's #1 Chockfast Red distributor, today!

Chockfast Red SG

Chockfast Red SG is a 3-component, thin pour, highly flowable epoxy grout typically used for new equipment installation. Chockfast Red SG can be used in single pours of 1-3” thick and develops high physical properties. It is also available with gray-colored aggregate. Order from ETS, USA's #1 Chockfast Red SG distributor, today!

Chockfast Orange

Chockfast Orange Epoxy

Chockfast Orange is the “original” 2-component epoxy chocking compound used in both marine and industrial applications. Orange Chockfast is designed to be poured in 1/2-1 1/2” thick individual chocks or shims. Chockfast Orange epoxy provides excellent contact and maintains critical alignment of rotating and reciprocating machinery. Order from ETS, USA's #1 Chockfast Orange distributor, today!

Chockfast Gray

Chockfast Gray Epoxy

Chockfast Gray is an extremely flowable, high-strength, 2-component epoxy grout that can be poured between 1/4-2” thick. Chockfast Gray epoxy is excellent for grouting all types of anchor bolts into concrete. It is also used as a liquid shim and chocking material to maintain proper equipment alignment. It is available in both 1 & 5-gallon unit sizes. Order from ETS, USA's #1 Chockfast Gray distributor, today!

Chockfast Black

Chockfast Black is a 2-component, thick pour epoxy chocking compound. It is designed to be poured as individual chocks or shims 1 - 2 1/2” thick. Our Chockfast Black epoxy machinery grout allows precise machinery alignment and greater air circulation under hot-running equipment. Order from ETS, USA's #1 Chockfast Black distributor, today!

Chockfast Blue

Chockfast Blue Epoxy

Chockfast Blue epoxy is a 3-component epoxy grout, specifically designed for pumping applications where depth constraints and limited access make grout placement challenging. It has excellent fluidity and an extremely long pot life allowing for ease of placement. Chockfast Red HF can be pumped 1-4” deep, making it perfect for large compressor skid packages which ensure complete contact and support of the equipment. It is also available in a cement color option. Order from ETS, USA's #1 Chockfast Blue distributor, today!



Looking for a better alternative to ITW PRC 100?  

We recommend FasTrac HP Grout and FasTrac NS Grout.

Grout Accessory Items

Grout Accessory Items

Jiffy Mixer Blades, IXT-59 Clean Up Solvent, Open Cell Foam Rubber Damming, Release Agent, ITW Expansion Joint Compound Aerosol, and Chockfasting Accessories!

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