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Chockfast Orange is a two-component grouting and chocking compound designed for use in various marine and industrial applications. Non-shrinking with very high impact and compressive strength, Chockfast® Orange provides that critical long-term alignment even in harsh and severe environments with massive physical and thermal shock.

With successful applications in NASA’s rocket positioner, and various marine and industrial machinery, Chockfast® Orange’s superiority in precise, long-lasting alignment under extreme heat and cold is without question.

Also known as PR-610TCF, Chockfast Orange is approved by the American Bureau of Shipping, Germanischer Lloyd, Bureau Veritas, Lloyd’s Register, Det Norske Veritas, and other major regulatory agencies across the globe.

Why Chockfast Orange?

  • It is developed specifically for choking and grouting. 

  • It can be used in depths of ½” to 4″ (12mm to 100mm) in marine applications.

  • Easy to apply - requires no special skills or tools. 

  • Stable in extreme temperatures.

  • Readily fills void and conforms to all irregularities when cast.

  • Can replace tediously fitted steel chocks.

  • Intimate contact with machined or unmachined equipment bedplates is 100% assured.

  • Universally applicable for generators, compressors, pumps, crane rails, diesel and gas engines, reduction gears, bearing blocks, and numerous other applications.

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Chockfast Orange
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Machinery Support and Industrial Structural Applications

Chockfast & Escoweld epoxy machinery grouts are specially designed for use in process compressors, pumps and motor skids, diesel engines, and other heavy rotating machinery. They are also widely used in steel construction as load paths or to fill up the gaps between beams and columns.


Lower Vibrations

In rotating machinery, vibrations are required to be at a very low level. Thanks to their damping qualities, Chockfast & Escoweld epoxy machinery grouts help to ensure vibrations levels in equipment at low, thereby reducing wear and tear and increasing their durability.

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Chemical Resistance

Foundations and cement grouts are susceptible to chemical attacks, vastly reducing their capabilities to act as support mechanisms. One effective way around this is using Chockfast or Escoweld machinery grouts that are proven to have strong resistance to chemicals used across various industries. They also have anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties.


Faster Cure Time

Compared to cement grout, Chockfast and Escoweld epoxy grouts cure very quickly. Within hours of application, epoxy grouts cure and develop strength similar to fully cured cement grout. This reduces grouting-to-equipment startup time, coming in handy in projects with tight turnaround times.

Other benefits include: 

  • Suitable for use in demanding environments

  • Easy to mix and install 

  • Stable in high temperature 

  • Applicable for various uses 

  • High-pressure resistance

The ETS Difference

Energy Tech Systems is the largest distributor of Chockfast & Escoweld epoxy machinery grouts in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, and other states along the East Coast. For close to 20 years, we’ve been serving various clients across various industries with superior service delivery.

As one of the largest factory-authorized distributors in the United States, we have years of hands-on experience working with top government and private businesses in the country such as NASA, TC Energy, Berkshire Hathaway Energy, CAT, Marathon Petroleum Corporation, etc. We’ve also gained immeasurable experience using epoxy machinery grout in various applications, including compressor skid, rail base plates, pump/motor skid package, and others.

With a combined 85+ years of onsite field experience, our team members have the expertise and knowledge to ensure your project runs smoothly.

Our Products

We have an inventory of epoxy machinery grouts for all your needs, including;

  • Chockfast Red Versaflow

  • Escoweld 7505E/7530

  • Chockfast Red

  • Chockfast Red SG

  • Chockfast Orange

  • Chockfast Gray

  • Chockfast Black

  • Chockfast Blue

  • ITW PRC 100

  • Grout Accessory Items

In addition to offering these products, we can be right there with you onsite to ensure the standard application specs are met and the whole process is seamless from start to finish. You can rest easy knowing your machinery grouting needs are in the hands of the experts at ETS. Contact us today to get started!

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